Eduardo Juan Couture


1.- Study: law is constantly changing. If you do not follow in its footsteps, you will be a little less of a lawyer every day.

2.- Think: Law is learned by studying, but it is exercised by thinking.

3.- Work: law is an arduous fatigue at the service of just causes.

4.- Fight: your duty is to fight for the right; but the day you find the right in conflict with justice, fight for justice.

5.- Be loyal: loyal to your client, whom you must not abandon until you understand that he is unworthy of you. Loyal to the adversary, even if he is disloyal to you. Loyal to the judge, who ignores the facts and must trust in what you say; and who, as far as the law is concerned, must at times trust in the one you invoke.

6.- Tolerate: tolerate the truth of others to the same extent that you want your own truth to be tolerated.

7.- Have patience: in law, time takes revenge on things that are done without their collaboration.

8.- Have faith: have faith in law, as the best instrument for human coexistence; in justice, as the normal destiny of law; in peace, as a kind substitute for justice. Above all, have faith in freedom, without which there is no right, no justice, no peace.

9.- Forget: advocacy is a struggle of passions. If in each battle you were to carry your soul with resentment, a day will come when life will be impossible for you. Once the combat is over, forget as soon as your victory as your defeat.

10.- Love your profession: try to consider the legal profession in such a way that the day your son asks you for advice about his destiny, you will consider it an honor for you to propose to him that he become a lawyer.

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