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Who we are and how we work

SASAKI ABOGADOS has a solid team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience who base their legal practice on integrity, trust and loyalty to our clients.

We offer our services mainly in the Campo de Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol, although we also act in the rest of the Spanish territory either directly or through our network of collaborators.

You can currently find us in the offices of Guadiaro – Sotogrande and La Línea de la Concepción.

Our history

Since its creation in 2002, Sasaki Abogados has had as its maxim the purpose of offering all its clients, both individuals and companies, comprehensive advice on all that might be posed to them in their daily lives, respecting values that have always been present in their professional performance.

Our Team

Cecilia Ruiz Montedeoca

Sasaki Abogados, Abogada asociada

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Ken Sasaki

Sasaki Abogados, Founding Partner | Lawyer

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Virginia Veras Jimenez

Sasaki Abogados, Partner | Lawyer

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Alexis Garcia Iglesias

Sasaki Abogados, Partner | Lawyer

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Sasaki Abogados bases the practice of law:

  • On independence.
  • In the freedom of defense.
  • On trust and integrity.
  • In professional secrecy.

Likewise, we believe in the resolution of conflicts through extrajudicial means, always trying to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties in conflict.

We choose to solve problems in the most pragmatic way possible for our clients.

Principles and Values

From its origin, Sasaki Abogados is based on some fundamental principles and values: “Independence”, “Trust” and “Integrity”.

What makes us different

We provide you with the maximum speed possible in your affairs with the highest quality in our services.

International coverage

We have different collaborations in Spain, England and Gibraltar. We can offer you a solution anywhere.

Do you need professional legal assistance?